This Week & #39 Focus Is...Trainer

Webster defines a Trainer as...One who trains other people, or a Simulator consisting of a machine on the ground that simulates the conditions of flying a plane, or in England a canvas shoe with a pliable rubber sole. Amazingly all of these definition applies to developing you as a leader. Let me explain how and why having a trainer is so important to your bottom line;

Professional Perspective
We all know that if you want to get fit physically, you need to have a trainer, why? A trainer helps you with accountability in life. It's important as a professional to find a trainer or mentor. Your mentor becomes one of the first trainers in life toward your goals. The mentors job is to get you mentally fit because every journey comes with a level of stress. A great career professional understands the importance of continuous training.

Business Perspective 
A great trainer knows something that we do not know, has been to places we have not been and done things that we have not done in life. With their experiences they can simulate the conditions of your decision before you take off. You can handle challenges decisively with guidance. In business it is critical to have such a person on your journey. Trainers can save you from costly and daily mistakes that your business might encounter. As you grow your team, investing in the proper training can save you time and money. One of the greatest accomplishments of building a success company is actually creating trainers within your company. Which promotes continuous growth and innovation within your business model.

Community Perspective
Great trainers care about using their talents in their communities. Trainers want to make a difference in others' lives around them. They want to take what they have learnt and pass it on to others to build a legacy, they want to train them to walk in their own shoes comfortably. Volunteer your training talents towards developing you local community! Giving back is one of the most important factors in success!

This Week's Challenge
I challenge you to ask your colleagues or nonprofit leader...What area do they want to grow the most in their profession, organization or community? If you have some experience in this area. I challenge you to help them on the road to success. I guarantee it's the most rewarding feeling in the world!