Knowledge In 60sec | "Mindset Mind Over Matter" May 2018 Edition

I'm feeling unusually under the weather this morning...But as you all know success never sleeps, So I'm in front of the Mac working as usual...

I'm going to be short today and talk about "mindset"... I believe the greatest thing I've ever learned from my mentors was "mind over matter"... Vince once stated to me "its easy to control your mind towards positive movement over anything that you truly love"... This is why for many of us, as we work our job it's hard for us to control our mindsets towards positive movement... mainly because we really don't love what where doing...

So if you ever have this feeling its time for you to change careers! Find your purpose and what you love in life, so you can be able to control your mindset quicker towards positive movement, happiness & success!

From My Experience | "Body Is Designed To Win"


#SuccessNeverSleeps #ThinkAboutIt #BizLifeGuru

Today's Life Lesson is..."The body is designed to be pushed at the rate of your mindset and the passion (heart) behind the cause"... Successful people, are built different because of their mindset. It gives them the capabilities to always win, even in adversity they adapt to change on a instant...so don't get mad at other people success, because if you are not willing to change your habits for success, you deserve what you get in life!