2012 Reflection of The Biz...The Life...The Guru!

Experiencing Both Personal & Business Challenges....

Good Wednesday Morning...I feel good this morning in the office making a million moves, so 2013 can be an absolutely wonderful year! I want to talk a little personal today...as I reflect over this last 12 months I've been shown the true character of people. I have had the privilege of experiencing both personal and business challenges this year unlike I've ever seen before...

In my 10 years of business I experience extreme growth the last 4 years...with all these advisors around me, to realize that my mom & dad was my greatest advisors. Three pieces of advice haunts me now..."Don't have a person who does not understand how to work for their money ever invest, cause at the end if they don't do the work, they will feel bitter about it!" , "Don't blend personal life with business colleagues !" & "In a relationship if your partner does not collaborate with you after countless efforts, don't expect he or she to do it, just do it yourself. It will keep your relationship healthy"

Now as I move forward in life on my next 10 year path (On the Road to 40), I realize I'm very blessed for this years challenges at a young age, in the last 10 years I've been around the world and met great people on my journey...I've learn from my mistakes...the just like this morning, blessings keep rolling in for my business & personal life...For these next 10 my focus is giving back and teaching other people under 30 how to stay at the top! Personally for the rest of my life to raise my children to be extraordinary and to blossom my current relationship like Frankie Ocean says "From Color to Black & White"

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