2019 Manifesto of Shawn Ryan Randleman aka Solution Guru

As I sit and reflect, it's clear why great mentors, such as Gary Vaynerchuk (known to his fans as Gary Vee), publishes a manifesto. Over the past 16 years, I've built a lifestyle through a simple strategy: hold others accountable to achieve success in work and in life. I've worked with many mentors and consultants over time, but, I realize one thing: no one holds me more accountable then the clients and audience I serve!  This manifesto is a public declaration of my commitment to 2019’s aspirations and endeavors.

The life of a successful professional is a curved, unpredictable road. Along the way, there will be mud, dirt, rock, snow, ice, and smooth pavement if you make it; a highway leading to an interstate of abundance and wisdom. Over past 16 years, I've experienced all of these roads in all areas of my life.  I have studied, chronicled, and written extensively about the “Why?”: only some of us “make it” in our journey while others never see the promises the world has to offer year in year out until their dying day.


This year I asked myself, ”WHY do I care about other people discovering their ”Why? Formula”?

I've discovered mine! Every day I talk fast, loud, screaming at you all about learning your “Why?” and following your purpose. I post quotes intended to inspire and impact your life daily toward greatness. All for what? A few likes and new followers! NO, BECAUSE I LOVE INSPIRING PROFESSIONALS TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS! But still...WHY?

It's simple: I struggled with the same challenges of finding my way in the beginning. I still do, to this day, as I climb the success ladder. It's funny that society has taught us to reflect on life and set goals at the beginning of the year instead of at the start of every morning. My first improvement of this is the year is more self-reflection and meditation.


A few years ago I started a blog called ”From My Experience” which highlighted my life experiences after self-reflection and meditation. The love and responses you gave me were deeply inspiring - as was your attention to my trials, how they inspired YOU, and where you found new focus.

This year I want us to take our focus to another level - together. How? Letting go of past failures strengthens me daily: I BUILD from the negative, starting a fire from the ashes! Let’s begin by giving ourselves 10 minutes of meditation each morning followed by 10 minutes of self-reflection. I promise if we do this together, we’ll achieve our annual goals faster.

Just Think About

Mastering this 20 minutes per day of self-reflection and balance is the first step to mastering the most priceless part of life: TIME!


Nothing is more important than what you do with your time: it’s priceless! 80% of our goals involve some level of monetary success. 100% of our goals require time! Every day you all give me the pleasure of assisting you in building your blueprint, one step at a time.  As I reflect, I know where I spent the majority of my time: with YOU - my audience, clients, partners, family, and friends, However, at first, a major issue is that we don’t know how to balance our time.

In 2019 I commit to being aware of every second of my day so as to direct my time towards the critical things I cherish. I challenge you to do the same. Let’s work on balancing our time in six crucial areas of our “Why’s.” Remember, time management is the essence of a balanced, active, successful lifestyle. Many of you ask me where my energy comes from - and the answer is simple: a solid spiritual foundation, excellent time management, and healthy living.


In the journey toward a balanced lifestyle of wealth, the first lesson I learned was that energy is powered by the fuel you put in the body. What we eat, see and even what we listen to affects our attention, movement, time management, and attitude. What we fuel our body with daily will affect how we reach (or don’t reach) our goals. The result of some foods you may notice immediately while others you may notice over time. The sum total of what you consume, i.e., what you eat, what you see, and what you listen to, has a dramatic, cumulative effect.

My commitment to you all this year is more wellness and listening skills advice! I’ve added some fantastic new habits and routines in my life I want to share. Ask yourself, what are you feeding yourself? Is it what you need to work at peak performance? I want us all to operate at peak performance in 2019 and beyond so we can feel good and enjoy our success. Creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle leads to a more productive life!

Lets Get Productive


Starting day one, the key to every success I’ve ever obtained has been how productive I was with a focus on the outcome. Let’s face it, we all dream of a better life! So, what is it that stops us? It’s is simple: PRODUCTIVITY.  It saddens me because I meet so many of you all who are productive - but in the wrong areas of life. We all have 168 hours per week, 24 hours a day yet our results are vastly different. Successful professionals create habits and routines aimed to support successful outcomes. So, how do we create productive, new habits and methods for our next levels of achievement?

My last commitment for 2019 to myself and you is to provide you the MOST significant methods of creating new habits and routines to be more productive in life - not just for 2019!

How? "New Year, New You” is a myth believed by anyone who isn’t genuinely productive. You,  my followers and social family reading this, will not live by this myth. This year, on all my social channels, I’ll guide you to establish a better affirmation: “New Year, New Day” meaning we will put action to our new day,  every day, like it’s a New Year! We will be creating new, highly productive habits and routines towards our goals every day - as if EACH DAY is the beginning of a New Year.

What’s the cost? You can keep your money in your pockets! Give your love, support, and attention. And I want you to implement these methods! Please like, share and leave me feedback about YOUR journey! Allow me to explain how to master productivity in work and in life.  Every time you tag somebody in comments on LinkedIn, every retweet on Twitter, every time you share my posts and stories on Instagram, every time you post and share on Facebook, means the world to me because you’re putting me on the map! You’re riding along with me on this journey!

Let me be Your Guru

I want you to obtain your destiny with me! I never take your time with me for granted.

Love, peace, and a brilliant future ahead!

Let’s break through barriers together in 2019!