The 15000 Hour Journey | The Fear of Letting Go! Part I

The 15000 Hour Journey | The Fear of Letting Go! Part I

Today marks the 16 year Anniversary of me leaving America’s Corporate system. I will never forget this day because I did not only decided to quit my job. I took my rent money and invested in the opportunity which paved the way for so many more opportunities.

Words of Wisdom #10 | “Give not thy strength... Nor thy ways”

This Words Of Wisdom is extremely personal to me because this particular chapter in the Bible my mother instilled in me. I was her little prince and she wanted me to be a great man. The man I was destin to be. In high school nor college I never completely understood what she was teaching me in this chapter of Proverbs. Now that I’m 35, as I reflect on my life. I've realize she was speaking volumes, through this one chapter in the bible. Also as a father of 3 beautiful princesses & a son. I believe a future queen can follow the same principles my mother taught me.

  Please understand the point of this series is for you to apply the principles from your spiritual foundation. These are lessons I've learned and is my interpretation from my spiritual foundation. I challenge you to discover your spiritual foundation and live by your heart's interpretation! Peace, Hope & Love!  

Please understand the point of this series is for you to apply the principles from your spiritual foundation. These are lessons I've learned and is my interpretation from my spiritual foundation. I challenge you to discover your spiritual foundation and live by your heart's interpretation! Peace, Hope & Love! 

The Words...

The chapter starts, as a plead from a loving mother to her son and what it takes to be a great king...”The words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him. What, my son? and what, the son of my womb? and what, the son of my vows?” ...As you read it, you can feel the deep love she has for her son. The true love of a great mother is irreplaceable!

 The Wisdom...

She loved him unconditionally, she doesn’t want him to fall short from his destiny...”Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.” As a man, I can say our biggest weakness is the love for women and destructive vices when dealing with our emotions. Which ultimately can destroy our lives.

She goes on by explaining to him how important it is to stay away from these vices...”It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.” ...Think about it! If a man drinks while being in a bad emotional state, this normally leads to trouble. Drinking or any vices during an emotional time can alter our judgement and destroy our life.

The Way I See It...

As most great mothers, she tells us the reasons why? ”Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.” Why do we have these vices? Honestly to escape our world's problems. Not realizing, that our problems will be their tomorrow , if we don’t face it head on! Your going to still be miserable or poor when you wake up the next day.

So in closing, Lemuel’s Mother like all awesome moms gave him wise instructions. Simply said, if you give your ways to anyone (woman or man) or to any vice (drinking, drugs, sex, even work) your not being a wise king or queen of your life? Just Think About It!

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 News for Innovative & Disruptive  Entrepreneurs

News for Innovative & Disruptive  Entrepreneurs

I'm so excite to share with you the new "Today's Focus Is..." Curated News Channel designed for innovative & disruptive entrepreneurs.  The team & I over the past few weeks have put in a lot of time in the development and the curations of these articles. Working with some of the greatest business news outlets such as Inc, Fortune, Forbes, HBR and many more. Get our Innovative Newsletter for FREE Today! Subscribe Now!!!

Knowledge In 60sec | "Mindset Mind Over Matter" May 2018 Edition

I'm feeling unusually under the weather this morning...But as you all know success never sleeps, So I'm in front of the Mac working as usual...

I'm going to be short today and talk about "mindset"... I believe the greatest thing I've ever learned from my mentors was "mind over matter"... Vince once stated to me "its easy to control your mind towards positive movement over anything that you truly love"... This is why for many of us, as we work our job it's hard for us to control our mindsets towards positive movement... mainly because we really don't love what where doing...

So if you ever have this feeling its time for you to change careers! Find your purpose and what you love in life, so you can be able to control your mindset quicker towards positive movement, happiness & success!

Knowledge In 60Sec | "Let Go" April 2018 Edition


Sometimes I think we forget we are all human...we have all done great & bad things in life ...We must be thankful that we're humans...because no matter what's been so far done in our life's... we can make life 100 times better today & the future!

I think the greatest gift of a human is love &  honest forgiveness... I believe sometimes we as humans make decisions which might not be the best because we're pushed to keep up our image and the perception of how society views us...

We must not judge people on past failures, but to be thankful for the present positive choices they make...because its a gift which can determine their future...if one lives in the pass instead of learning from it, it will destroy their future!


From My Experience | "Body Is Designed To Win"


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Today's Life Lesson is..."The body is designed to be pushed at the rate of your mindset and the passion (heart) behind the cause"... Successful people, are built different because of their mindset. It gives them the capabilities to always win, even in adversity they adapt to change on a don't get mad at other people success, because if you are not willing to change your habits for success, you deserve what you get in life!

From My Experience | "Passion & Understanding"

Today's Life Lesson is... "In what every you do in life have passion and understanding"...

As a business & lifestyle specialist I've learn that being passionate about clients and gathering the true understanding of what they want in the present & future allows me to layout a define road map for their success.

The big issue is many people including some of my clients don't create the passion & understanding behind the plan. This is the thin line between dreams & goals. We all wish life came with a step by step guide...The funny thing is for us Successful people it does! One day a switch goes off and we realize our passion & understanding relies on 3 important areas Spirituality, Health & Mindset. We understand just like when you go to the doctor for a check-up or church for need coaches & consultants to develop a solid mind set and a real game plan!

People always want to take shortcuts in life, you don't take short cuts on something your passionate about because you want to gain full complete understanding of your goals and why you need to accomplish them...

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Words of Wisdom #9: "Now Faith Is The Substance of Things"

Words of Wisdom #9: "Now Faith Is The Substance of Things"

“Now faith is the substance" meaning "faith" is creating a reality of what you want the outcome to be. It's clearly stated further in the verse "things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"...our dreams, resolutions & goals we've not achieved in life yet, but through "faith" we will! As we achieve goals over our lifespan we build a great reputation or "obtained a good report" as it says in this passage.

From My Experience | "Higher Expectations"

Today's Life Lesson is "Higher Expectations"...

In the nature of my business I set high expectations, for any organization that I work with . I believe this is a gift & a curse because sometimes I set higher expectations then they believe they can achieve. I believe every person has a purpose and whatever they dream they can achieve, it starts by setting high expectations, because even if you landed in the middle, you still achieved more then the person who set low expectations and completed them!

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"Don’t Take Life So Seriously" The Success Never Sleeps Series

"In order to make life less "serious" you must get rid of unnecessary stress.”… one of the several lesson taught in this month’s ’Success Never Sleeps” Series. In this compelling lesson I discusses how important it is to look at life as fun way not so serious manner!” So, checkout my newest lesson entitled "Don’t Take Life So Seriously", leave comment & tell me what you think?